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A Unique Portland

Food Cart Experience

Jian Bing (煎饼) is a simple, savory dish from the villages of Northern China. Made with a freshly scrambled egg, the Bing includes black bean paste, chili sauce, pickled vegetables, green onion, cilantro, and a crispy fried cracker all rolled into a perfectly grilled crepe. The crepe is served with a special local beer featuring a custom beer label with Bing's logo.


Legend has it that jianbing was invented nearly 2,000 years ago during the Three Kingdoms period, when the chancellor in Shandong Province was faced with feeding an army of soldiers who had lost their woks. The solution was to mix water with flour and spread the dough onto a shield suspended over a fire. The dish lifted the morale of the soldiers and armed with such sustenance, they marched into battle and achieved a glorious victory.   


Bing Mi! brings this marvelous dish to Portland. 


The unique combination of texture and flavor makes the Bing ​perfect for breakfast or lunch. Try one today!

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